Why is SEO (search engine optimization) important?

The importance of SEO comprises several headings. These include long-lasting, useful for local businesses, cost effective, visibility, and excellent return on investment (ROI).

1. Long-lasting

The first importance of SEO is that it lasts for a long time. From a business perspective, there is an initial investment into SEO in terms of optimizing the website and then a mindset level of looking at what is working, what should be improved and watching out for anything that might go wrong which need to be fixed. So, there is an initial investment and an ongoing investment into SEO.

But, the nice thing is that once things are in place, it lasts for years. Many websites that take the top of the search results page, keep that placement for many years; because of that, SEO can, over time, produce a very predictable return on investment (ROI). The ROI is very predictable; how many visitors you can get in a certain month when you start comparing the data from previous years based on your visibility.

2. Useful for local businesses

If you are a local business, there are many local features available to you to enhance your visibility and provide additional services so that you can reach the people in your local area.

3. Cost effective

SEO is one of the most cost effective things that you can do; drive traffic to your website and promote your business. And also the skills necessary for SEO are integrated across multiple digital-marketing disciplines (i.e., link building, target audience, page speed, page quality, keyword research, and article marketing).

4. Visibility

Let’s first look at the importance of search. Even with people are looking for information on a branded product, the vast majority will go to a search engine first rather than going to that brand’s website or rather than going to a retailer. They want to see all of the information that is available about that brand, good and bad; they want to see what other people are saying about that brand. So, they have a wider group of informational sources from which they can make a decision.

Now the importance of the visibility of being on the first page is dramatic. If you’re on the first page and there are 10 results on the first page, that will receive about 94% of the total impressions. However, this is not true for every single case; this is just in general. In fact, there are different results for different types of searches; these numbers are going to vary. But, just as a guide, you can see that being in the first page and being in the first ten results are going to give you more visibility. Now look at the next ten results, from 11 to 20, only receive about 6% of impressions. Again, this is not the rule; this is only a guide and you will see differences based on the type of industry and the type of website.

Picture of results on the search engine first page vs search engine second page in terms of visibility (importance of SEO)
The visibility of results on search engine first page is over 15 times more than that on the second page

5. Excellent ROI

Another importance of SEO is that it provides excellent ROI. In a survey, businesses responded to the question about which activity provided the best return. When it came to excellent, SEO took the first place; 32% of people said that it was excellent. Email marketing received 22%. In rating as good, Email received 44% and SEO 43%  . And content marketing has more do with organic search, and so people see a specific ROI; the money that they put into the optimizing their content and optimizing their websites, they see a solid return more than other channels that they used to market their business.

Picture of eConsultancy Survey shows excellent ROI (significance of SEO)
32% of businesses rated SEO as excellent and 43% rated it as good interms of ROI (Source: eConsultancy 2013)


In another survey, when people and company were asked to rate their customers based on how they acquired those customers, they compared how they received those customers to the average Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), and what they found is that customers that were acquired through organic search had a 54% higher-than-average lifetime value; it means that customers acquired through organic search spent more than the average customer and they had a longer lifetime than the average customer, which may these companies realized that customers acquired through search were high value customers more so than the average customer. When we compare this to the other side of the graph, we will see that people that came from Tweeter had less than 20% than average lifetime value.

Picture of Customer Life Time Value (CLV) shows high CLV for organic reach (importance of SEO)
CLV acquired through search engines is 54% higher than average CLV (Source: Search Engine Watch 2013)


The reason why organic search provided high search value customers is because when people have a need, they search, they go to a search engine; It is an active activity and a dynamic process of moving forward to solve a problem whereas going on Twitter is a passive process where people respond to things that are interested to them.

With all the benefits of SEO, in order for success, businesses shouldn’t overlook using other channels such as PPC  as well.


To recap, the importance of SEO boils down to the following:

  • Organic search produces great results for businesses (e.g., best return and highest amount of visitors to the website).
  • People turn to search to find information.
  • Sites on the first page, at the top, receive the most attention.
  • SEO has one of the best ROI.
  • Search engine customers tend to be higher-spending customers who will stay with the company for a longer amount of time.


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