Google Ads

  • PPC, often called pay per click, is the process of buying paid media on search engines such as Google to bring targeted traffic to your website in order to gain new customers.
  • PPC ads are often the first thing a user sees after conducting a search.
  • There are more than 6 billion search per day across the globe on search engines from which over 77% belongs to Google.
  • Companies can use PPC for various purposes such as increasing awareness, achieving Return of Ad Spend (ROAS) goals, achieving target Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), and obtaining specific number of leads in a time frame.
  • PPC helps you determine where the user is in the buying funnel and target users at each stage of the funnel by creating tailored messages for each step of the funnel.

Three advantages of advertising on Google, which brings superiority over other types of ads:
1) Reach your potential customers
2) Show ads that are useful for your potential customers.
3) When a PPC marketing campaign is properly optimized, it yields a rewarding Return on Investment (ROI).

Therefore, we strongly recommend PPC as one of the marketing strategy for businesses, especially new ones, because it gets immediate traffic and generates significant sales within weeks.

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