Advantages of PPC

PPC can drive many types of results for all brands, from awareness to conversion. PPC has many advantages. It’s arguably the most controlled and visibility in marketing of any channel available. The straightforward nature of PPC puts you squarely in the driver’s seat and when assigned correctly, it’s one of the best marketing channels available to advertisers of any size.

1. Three Key Reasons Why PPC Marketing is Important

Here are the three key reasons why PPC marketing is useful to all businesses: multiple inventory sources across search and display, data transparency, and reaching users throughout the funnel. Let me now discuss these three advantages of PPC in detail.

1.1. Multiple Inventory Sources

One of the big advantages of PPC is the available inventory. There are a lot of inventory sources. On search, we have maps, images, product, and of course search based results. Then, we have video results such as on YouTube, we have Gmail, we have the Display Network.

1.2. Data Transparency

Another advantage of paid search is data transparency. You have full insight into your data so you can understand what targeting methods produced traffic, produced revenue, produced sales, produced contacts, and so forth. So, if you can define your marketing objectives, you can always work towards them. Since the data is so transparent, you can see what site or what app got a click or how many aggregate clicks, what those clicks cost you and what their conversions were. So, because PPC has such much data transparency, you have full insight into reading your information and making these data driven decisions.

1.3. Reaching Users Throughout the Funnel

Another advantage of PPC is that you can reach users throughout the Buying Funnel. Look at the Buying Funnel. We have Awareness and Interest, “Hey, we exist and this is how we make your life better.” Then, we have consideration, learn about the products and start shopping. Then, we have a user buying or taking an action. Then, we have post-buy; it is retention and lifetime value. So, one of the real advantages of PPC is that you can determine where in the buying funnel you want to reach users and then tailor your message to each step of the buying funnel.

2. Conclusion

By using a combination of search and display marketing through the PPC networks, they bring a good advantage of targeting based upon where user sits in the funnel. Then, it makes sure that it crosses display network, those 1 trillion monthly impressions or across search for 6 billion daily searches that you are showing the correct message to a targeted user. You want to make sure you are bringing the hottest prospects to your site and turn them into customers.

So, by defining your funnel and then looking at how you market to users within the funnel, you can really ensure that you have the correct message and correct users coming to your website based upon your conversion process and the users’ research process.

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